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MistyChartNet is a .NET C# based charting component for WinForms.<br /> <br /> 1. Customize various attributes at design time in Microsoft Visual <br /> Studio .NET 2002 and above<br /> 2. Customize various attributes including Chart Type using popup <br /> menus at runtime.<br /> 3. Supports 80 chart types (including vertical and horizontal charts)<br /> 4. Supports Print Preview and Print<br /> 5. Supports copy to clipboard for pasting to documents like Microsoft <br /> Word<br /> 6. Supports saving chart in .png, .jpeg and .gif format<br /> 7. Get data directly from Excel file<br /> 8. Supports Image, Color transparency and hatch styles<br /> 9. Drag chart items to modify value or enter new value of data point<br /> 10. Most chart types are available as vertical and horizontal <br /> orientation<br /> 11. Allows dynamically changing data using API<br /> 12. Data can be loaded from any source using APIs<br /> 13. Supports multiple Color Palettes<br /> 14. Supports pre-defined borders.<br /> 15. Attributes customizable are :<br /> a. Axes (Color, Font, Line Thickness, Labels, Values)<br /> b. Horizontal and Vertical Grid (Color, Line Thickness)<br /> c. Plot (Bckground Color, Background hatch style, background <br /> image, Text Color, Font, Background Hatch Style)<br /> d. Title and Sub-Title (Color, Font, Alignment)<br /> e. Data Point (ImageColor, Hatch Style)<br /> f. Background (Color)

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Size:1,000 K
License:800.00$ to buy
Add date: 2004-7-14
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MistyChartNet, NET, C#, based, charting, component, WinForms, 1, Customize, various, attributes, at, design, time, Microsoft, Visual, Studio, 2002, above, 2, including, Chart, Type, using, popup, menus, runtime, 3, Supports, 80, chart, types, vertical, horizontal, charts, 4, Print, Preview, 5, copy, clipboard, pasting, documents, like, Word, 6, saving, png, jpeg, gif, format, 7, Get, data, directly, Excel, file, 8, Image, Color, transparency, hatch, styles, 9, Drag, items, modify, value, enter, new, point, 10, Most, are, available, orientation, 11, Allows, dynamically, changing, API, 12, Data, loaded, any, source, APIs, 13, multiple, Palettes, 14, pre-defined, borders, 15, Attributes, customizable, :, Axes, Font, Line, Thickness, Labels, Values, b, Horizontal, Vertical, Grid, c, Plot, Bckground, Background, style, background, image, Text, Hatch, Style, d, Title, Sub-Title, Alignment, e, Point, ImageColor, f, newfreeware

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