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SchedulerLite is a general purpose staff rostering, employee scheduling and resource booking software tool. This means that it is flexible and meets the needs of a wide range of people who have to manage rosters and resources. There are no arbitrary limits on the number of rosters you can enter or the number of staff you can roster. It is suitable for both pattern based and unstructured rosters.<br /> <br /> SchedulerLite makes it easy for you to manage your rosters. Build your rosters in seconds, check that employees are available, print out individual schedules for your employees and print the complete roster for reference. It will save you time freeing you up to do other more important things.<br /> <br /> Rosters can be viewed either pictorially or in a spreadsheet style view. You can toggle between the two views as you build your roster. Both employee and asset type resources can be rostered and as well as stand-ins for a rostered resource.<br /> <br /> The pictorial view allows you to drag and drop resources to roster them, copy whole rosters to repeat patterns / shifts, cut and paste to repeat patterns, select and drag groups of rostered resources, edit groups or all rostered resources easily,<br /> <br /> Reports are parameterizable and can be previewed. Data can be imported and exported.<br /> <br /> SchedulerLite also allows you to define your own categories, and then display, print preview and print reports on them. For example you can keep track of whether a resource has confirmed their availability or not, you can record whether the roster is a draft or completed, if your roster is a mix of on-call and working resources you can identify which is which, if you roster a stand-in you can record the reason why. How you use them is up to you.

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Add date: 2004-7-14
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