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Spice up your site with animated buttons, menus, navigation schemes and other Flash files using this easy-to-use tool - you can even add MP3s. Just arrange your buttons in a WYSIWYG window, press 'Build Flash' and 1CBT creates all the flash and HTML.<br /> <br /> Features include:<br /> <li>* WYSIWYG Design, Layout and Preview. <br /> Just create buttons and arrange them as easy as '1-2-3' or use the instant preview to review animation moves - it means that even the total beginner can create fully interactive buttons in minutes. <br /> <li>* 300 Button Images and Sounds <br /> 1 Cool Button Tool comes with a complete gallery of over 300 quality button images and sounds. The buttons are all custom-designed and include up, over and down button states.<br /> <li>* Button Animation. <br /> You can move, scale, transform, fade and rotate any button... plus you can trigger these animations from a variety of sources - button clicks, mouse-overs and many other events.<br /> <li>* Full Sound Support. <br /> 1CBT supports WAV and AU files in applets and MP3 in Flash files.<br /> <li>* Use ANY image or artwork for your Buttons. <br /> You can use any Jpeg or Gif image for your buttons or backgrounds - make your gif button images transparent with one click.<br /> <li>* Multiple Button States and Types. <br /> Each button can have a different image, colour, font, text label, sound, action or format in any of its three states - up, mouse-over or down position. Buttons can be either push, check-box and tick-box style buttons. <br /> <li>* Multiple Action Triggers. <br /> Objects and buttons can be affected by many different action triggers - on Load, Button entry (mouse-over), Button leave, Button Down, Mouse Up, Button Check and Button un-Check - this can create a huge array of possibilities when designing your navigation or button scheme. <br /> <li>* JavaScript interface. <br /> For more advanced users, a JavaScript interface can change the various states of buttons within the Flash file or Java applet giving power-users the edge in creating complex navigation schemes.

1 Cool Button Tool - Flash
Publisher:Juice Software1 Cool Button Tool - Flash Free Download
1 Cool Button Tool - Flash Purchase
Size:3,739 K
License:29.95$ to buy
Add date: 2004-7-14
Screenshot:View Screenshot
Limitations:Never Expires
1 Cool Button Tool - Flash Award

1 Cool Button Tool - Flash Screenshot

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