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BitCleaner uses a unique, highly intelligent method that will remove the unwanted information without leaving a trace. Even deleted files can be recovered if they are not removed properly. BitCleaner completely removes these files by using the Government Security Standard. <br /> <br /> BitCleaner has an easy to use interface, which allows even the most novice user to navigate and perform its functions easily and quickly. BitCleaner also has a ?Confirm Operations? option that gives a step-by-step walkthrough that allows the user to execute, skip or cancel each individual operation, something no other privacy program offers. <br /> <br /> Here are a few features:<br /> <br /> <li>Delete Windows Application Log files<br /> <li>Delete Windows System Back-up files<br /> <li>Delete Recycle Bin files<br /> <li>Clean Windows Clipboard Memory<br /> <li>Clean Last visited locations<br /> <li>Clean ?Run? history<br /> <li>Clean ?Find Computer? history<br /> <li>Clean ?Recent Documents? history<br /> <li>Clean Start Menu order history<br /> <li>Clean Media Player history<br /> <li>Clean history of typed URLs<br /> <li>Clean Auto-Complete history of typed forms and passwords<br /> <li>Delete Download Folder files<br /> <li>Delete Temporary Internet files<br /> <li>Delete Visited URLs history<br /> <li>Delete Cookies<br /> <li>Wipe Free Space<br /> <br /> And that is just the beginning?..

Publisher:IomaticBitCleaner Free Download
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Size:1,710 K
License:49.95$ to buy
Add date: 2004-7-14
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Limitations:Never Expires
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BitCleaner Screenshot

BitCleaner, uses, unique, highly, intelligent, method, remove, unwanted, information, without, leaving, trace, Even, deleted, files, recovered, if, they, are, not, removed, properly, completely, removes, these, by, using, Government, Security, Standard, has, easy, use, interface, allows, even, most, novice, user, navigate, perform, its, functions, easily, quickly, ?Confirm, Operations?, option, gives, step-by-step, walkthrough, execute, skip, cancel, each, individual, operation, something, privacy, program, offers, Here, few, features:, Delete, Windows, Application, Log, System, Back-up, Recycle, Bin, Clean, Clipboard, Memory, Last, visited, locations, ?Run?, history, ?Find, Computer?, ?Recent, Documents?, Start, Menu, order, Media, Player, typed, URLs, Auto-Complete, forms, passwords, Download, Folder, Temporary, Internet, Visited, Cookies, Wipe, Free, Space, just, beginning?, newfreeware

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