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Hide your Files and Folders from any People and computer viruses.<br /> Protect My Documents, Favorites, Desktop, Internet History, Control Panel, Data/Time setting. Supports 8 encryption algorithms. Hide Folder start up is password protected. FAT, FAT32, NTFS support. <br /> Hide Folder has gained popularity both at home and office users. Most people use this program at home to lock their data of confidential nature - financial , for example, - from being accessed by kids or visitors. This security guard is also used to hide folders and files with personal information you store at your computer at work. You can now protect important documents you are working on from unauthorized access by fellow employees who may want to use these documents to their benefit and your disadvantage. Only Hide Folder can guarantee absolute protection for your most important data. And since this software is distributed on shareware basis, you can try this program before buying it and see all the benefits of using such security guard services provider as Hide Folder. So download Hide Folder now and visit

Hide Folder Lite
Publisher:Flash Download ToolHide Folder Lite Free Download
Hide Folder Lite Purchase
Size:650 K
License:19.99$ to buy
Add date: 2004-7-14
Screenshot:View Screenshot
Limitations:Expires after 15 Days
Hide Folder Lite Award

Hide Folder Lite Screenshot

Hide, Files, Folders, any, People, computer, viruses, Protect, My, Documents, Favorites, Desktop, Internet, History, Control, Panel, Data/Time, setting, Supports, 8, encryption, algorithms, Folder, start, up, password, protected, FAT, FAT32, NTFS, support, has, gained, popularity, both, at, home, office, users, Most, people, use, program, lock, their, data, confidential, nature, -, financial, example, being, accessed, by, kids, visitors, security, guard, used, hide, folders, files, personal, information, store, work, now, protect, important, documents, are, working, on, unauthorized, access, fellow, employees, who, may, want, these, benefit, disadvantage, Only, guarantee, absolute, protection, most, since, software, distributed, shareware, basis, try, before, buying, see, all, benefits, using, such, services, provider, So, download, visit, wwwhide-foldercom, newfreeware

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